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  1. An Airsofter's Perspective on the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy & the 2nd Amendment

    The airsoft community traditionally is comprised of people from the early teens to 50-plus. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Ct, will pull at the hearts of all of us to be sure. Before I go on, please think of those lost in this horrible event, and of their family and friends who are suffering from such a devastating void they are now faced with.

    Too quickly their are many, especially the media, who will ride the wave of this tragedy for means other than to embrace those ...
  2. Lost: Primary Arms Micro Dot (Aimpoint T1 clone) with killflash on UTG rail riser

    Are things changing at Harris Field?

    I'm just blowing off some steam from (hopefully paranoidal) fears of an apocalyptical downfall of airsoft! Really!?

    "Missing" (stolen) items and poor "hit" calling has unfortunately always been around, but is blaten disregard on the rise or is it just me:

    Lost: Primary Arms Micro Dot (Aimpoint T1 clone) with killflash on UTG rail riser
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    Ok I must reply (and will make an official post)
  3. Writing.

    So, in true slacker fashion, I'm posting the first entry in this series late. To be honest, last Thursday wasn't terribly exciting, but that's the way things happen when you start a blog...all the interesting things you have to say go away.

    The goals for the evening included Kinky shimming gears and installing a new wire harness and trigger switch into a gearbox for an MP5 (and installing an ASCU into his Classic Army M4), DFM replacing a Spur gear in a CYMA V3, with me adding ...
  4. Explanation.

    Welcome. This blog is to document the hilarity and frustration of OPFOR nights at my house on Thursday/Friday. The team usually uses these nights to talk shit and repair and/or destroy perfectly working airsoft weapons and gear. While not necessarily a tutorial series, you may find information that helps you with your own shit. Expect plenty of incompatible parts, poor shimming and wonky compression.

    I'll attempt to update regularly and add pics when sober enough to do so. Comments ...

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    Thursday Night Frights