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Thread: Protech MKII HPA Unit

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    Protech MKII HPA Unit

    First time writing a review so please bear with me and if you have any questions do ask and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. Pictures can be set upon request until I can figure out how to link photos easily into posts (can someone chime in here).

    After a 3 year break from airsoft I decided it was time to make a come back as I had the money in my pocket again to fund the sport. Earlier in the year I had gone through a couple electric guns and at one time had a WE MSK, but I knew that neither of these were the right option going back into the sport. I knew that at the time Polarstar was the only large company manufacturing HPA drop in systems. Now I couldn’t afford their full gearboxes so the more small cylinder style units were the way to go.

    I looked around and saw that there are more options notably from Wolverine and also a “newer” HPA company called Protech who designed the MKII. They offered what I needed and at $300 even this was the way to got as I don't see myself needed the nozzle swapping ability that the Inferno/Hydra offer yet. I ordered it from Amped airsoft and about a week later arrived my box with my new HPA unit.

    Build quality:
    Comparing this to a Polarstar Jack I must say that this MKII is very nice and also easy to maintain with only 1 major part that unscrews (not going to try to pretend I know all the technical terms). The machined body and threading is so nice and the unit just seated perfectly in my VFC gearbox. The unit comes with an aluminum nozzle which should last quite some time and also puts out a generous amount of air comparable with some of Polarstars upgraded nozzles I believe.

    On the other note the unit comes with a universal FCU, which was one of the major reasons for me deciding to go with this system. They allow for 3 custom profiles so that you can swap from a DMR role and throw the unit into a LMG, and then put it into a battle rifle and have each profile perfectly tuned for your dwell and also various settings like ROF and Burst and also if you need to put it into a strictly semi-auto roll.

    The only complain that I have is that the selector plate for me needed to be heavily sanded down and I still have some to go to allow for the microswitch on the back to be engaged just enough where it can swap between semi and full, but not be stuck in full auto setting until I return it to the safe position.

    For this I will give it a 9/10 as you need to slightly modify your gearbox or selector plate minorly to get it to be working perfectly.

    Ease of use:
    Very easy to use. Being a first time HPA user I don't think it could be any easier. Just drop in, print off the single page explaining the FCU, and I was using my first HPA’ed gun. Of course I had to learn the dwell for my mags, but after some playing around I found a good balance where I for now am getting good air conservation out of my tank.


    You lose some of that nostalgic AEG feel and noise and it doesn't have the GBB kick and sound, but it has a place in everyone's collection as another tool to get the job done. If you don’t like a line get an AEG and if you want the kick get a GBB, Tippmann, or Daytona Gun.

    The realism for me comes in the sense that I forget that it's connected to a line and that when I pull the trigger just like a GBB gun the gun will fire right away. I can also set my ROF to a realistic rate around 15, but I prefer a 2 round burst. Things that to me 3 years ago where hard to obtain to make the game more fun.


    I would highly recommend this unit to anyone rocking a centerline nozzle (V.2 gearbox). Its very affordable as far as getting into HPA goes and the FCU itself is worth its weight in gold to me over the others which only offer the single user profile, unless this has changed recently.

    Only thing that I would say is that I have heard of some issues with the seal not being perfect where the front unit threads with the main body of the unit, and this can be due to a bad O-ring. This is an easy fix. The other issue which I had was that my Prowin hop up unit was not aligned properly, but this was more due to me not taking the time and still not understanding how to center it.

    Other than that this is a great little unit and if you can’t afford the other options than this will do more than satisfy you as a great way to get a “more” affordable unit.


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    Very excellent write up thank you for the insight definatly an option to consider as I soon hope to venture out into the HPA world.

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    the mk2.5 is out now too!
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