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Thread: Q4 Airsoft

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    Q4 Airsoft

    Hello all. Officially announcing this venture.
    Next week i will update everyone with a show case of my current working prototype
    Please feel free to message me or post any questions you may have so i can answer them, via a reply or with an official update.

    Thank you everyone.
    A special thanks to Omego, Aussie, Apollo, My sister, Swash (speedy?) and last but not lest my father, all of whom have been trusted advisors in this endeavor.

    Visit the GoFundMe for more details

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    Wow,I did not expect the piles of snow and tasks this week, update will be out end of the week.

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    Update out.

    Also because its your guys an image of my working prototype. I hope to have a full update and video soon.

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    I have just realized I never posted my second update here.
    In short,
    due to some legal advice I will not be showing my designs online.
    I have however been able to showcase one at the Harris season opener. The few who saw it had some interest in seeing it on market.

    Speaking of.
    As of this morning Q4 Airsoft LLC will be able to take card transactions online, over the phone and in person.
    Unfortunately there is no website to use.
    My skill at code is quite out of date. I am not up to the task, well, up to excellence at the task.

    So before I use google and look for a company, is there anyone in the community that works for a web developer? Is a web developer?
    Please drop me a line

    Also, I think it was Rabbit, asked about R2B nades.
    I am awaiting an answer from the state in regards to any license needs, or if I can even resale them.
    I have secured two other warehouses, but until there is a functioning site things will stall.

    Thank you!

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    Hello all, I have posted another update and also updated the gofundme to reflect changes in course.

    I was waiting for an email from the State Fire Marshals office. But have yet to receive one. The SFM informs me that any use of the R2B Nades would need an ATF Licensing of some sort. At this time I will not be perusing this.

    Please consider donating, even a small amount will get this closer to open.
    Thank you all.

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    Bro I've been a coder since middle school, I could help you out.

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