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Thread: Hey maine airsoft community i need some help

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    Hey maine airsoft community i need some help

    I have been looking at different airsoft guns for awhile. I am really more akin to the m4 platforms and am wondering what your guys/girls input is on the classic army delta 10 and if it is any good. I am aware that it is all polymer except for the buffer tube and outer barrel but that is alright with me. I've seen plenty of videos on it. Also my friends in the past have had really good luck with classic army. Also no one recommend g&g I already wasted $300 on one and it broke within 4 weeks of light use(one back yard game and about 5 times plinking probably about 1000 bbs and don't know if I just got a lemon but the piston ended up shrapnal and some gears where striped). Thank you guys ahead of time for responding it will probably take me awhile to respond back because I am in florida working for the winter for the first time in my 21 years I have been out of maine for more than two weeks lol. I am really wanting to get into playing down here a bit for the winter but I wanted to ask people who I could trust so I jumped onto this form instead of some florida form. I'll be back this summer to play for the first time since I was 16. And sorry if this seems to go on forever force of habbit.

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    You should be good to go with the Classic Army. However, I'm not 100% sure that Classic Army's internals are TM spec. This Could make upgrading an issue but, i'm not positive if the parts are or aren't TM spec. You should be fine it's just something to look further into. I'm pretty surprised to hear a g&g breaking after such a short period of time. In my experience they are uber reliable. See you on the field my dude.
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    I can say from having played around with a few Classic Army's they are great and the internals are TM compatible.
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