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Thread: Broken M4 Lower Receiver

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    Broken M4 Lower Receiver

    While running around like an idiot, I dropped and cracked the metal lower receiver on my KWA SR12. I cracked it above the pistol grip right on the screw that holds everything together.
    It looks something like this:

    Would I be better off buying a new receiver, or just fixing it somehow?

    If I was to buy a new receiver, what is a good place to find metal (preferably KWA,) lower receivers?

    If I was to fix it, what would I use to fix the crack?

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    Is that a crack or is that a cosmetic scratch?

    If it's a scratch, paint..

    If it's cracked buy a new lower.

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    Oh, didn't see the second photo. Yeah, trash the receiver and buy a new one. I have a link posted above in my previous post. $35 on Evike. KWA upper receivers will only mate with KWA lowers. Not aftermarket friendly.

    -Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect Practice makes Perfect-

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