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Thread: WW:III- East Asia Eruption

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    WW:III- East Asia Eruption

    Just wanted to start the tread.

    Player: Reaper(rj)
    Faction: Japan
    Position: SL/CO/JTFCO
    *'platoon daddy/Warlord'

    Task: To lead elements of the Japanese Forces in missions supporting the SK defense and stability in the region

    Conditions: Decent maine weather

    Standards: NEASG/ MAHFF regulations

    I want to start off with a great thank you to all the event staff, moderators, and players who made this event possible. I was so happy that after so long away that returning to the field and this community i was met with such open arms and gusto.

    Omego- you continued to out do yourself with another fantastic op. I feel honored that I could add to the event in such a capacity.

    To the Japanese Team Players- thank you for sticking through my leadership and always driving hard. Of all the movers and shakers you guys never let me down. You truly envoked the spirit of victory. I never had a team in my years since harris first opened that worked, communicated, and executed so flawlessly. It was an honor to be your leader/ platoon daddy and i hope i exposed you to another level of op.

    To the SK players- even though i wasn't your direct command I thank you for following me in my efforts, joining me in conquest, and celebrating in victory.

    Specifically to Hawk/batman- thank you for letting me steal your team and push them beyond the safety of cover. Your support and leadership was the other pillars to our joined success.

    To the UN- thank you for taking your roles too heart. I do feel a bit bad about shock and awe on the mac and laying waste to all of you but: don't mess with japan lol.

    To the OPFOR: DRPK/ China- you guys truly had me on edge of my wits with your prowess on the field. It gave me the challenge and thrill I've loved about this game since I started in this community.

    Thanks for everything and much love from reaper!

    -warlord act. Signing off the net
    Sierra 4 Romeo (S4R)
    Spartan Assault
    SEF / Squad 1
    Rank: E-4
    War-fighter/Combat Medic

    (Ret.) GT 2nd Lt. 2009-2013
    "Draggerlane & Reaper: Providing superior sniper & counter-sniper for your operations since 2009"

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    Was an honor sir!

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    Thank you for starting up this AAR thread. It was a lot of fun to organize and run this event. You all made it very special!
    Here are Savade Airsoft's nicely edited videos from the op:

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    We very much enjoy a chance to escape up to Harris for events like these for a good solid day of airsoft and weird fun. As always I personally enjoy your creativity Omego and look forward to D-Day.


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    It was fun.

    Here's my video from the beginning of the 2nd day:
    YouTube - TOASTERATOR Airsoft
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    Very Nice!

    Do my ears deceive me or is there music from SOCOM in there? lol
    Primary: KWA SR10

    Sidearm: KJW KP05 Hi Capa

    Competitive Target Shooter and Classical Fencer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scratch View Post
    Very Nice!

    Do my ears deceive me or is there music from SOCOM in there? lol
    Thanks. That music is from a stock music site, but yes, it sounds like it's right outta SOCOM 3 haha.
    YouTube - TOASTERATOR Airsoft
    High-quality gameplay video, guides, reviews, etc.

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    Any word on day 2 videos? I am excited to say the day we were there in video

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