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Thread: Donbass Divided 2/ Saturday, June 3rd, 2017/ Harris Farm Airsoft

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    Donbass Divided 2/ Saturday, June 3rd, 2017/ Harris Farm Airsoft

    Donbass Divided 2

    Registration/Gear Inspection/Chrono Opens: 09:00

    Briefing 11:00
    Field Insertion: 11:30
    Startex 12:00
    Endex 22:00

    Admission: 10 Dollars

    Story as of October 2016:

    Daylight operations were dominated by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Their advance, while harassed by flanking and rear attacks, was able to push the Donbass People’s Militia out of most of the strategic objectives in the Donbass province. At the end of the day, Donbass City was secured by the UDM and a speech was given on reuniting Ukraine by the Ukrainian president.

    While the Ukrainian Defense Ministry was able to dominate the field during day time operations, they met stiff Donbass People’s Militia resistance at night. UDM special forces’ attempts to capture objectives were held back by poor organization and communication. The militia was able to hold all strategic objectives and by morning, the UDM forces were stalled by entrenched opposition inside the cities of the Donbass province. DPM reinforcements flooded into the region, along with support from mysterious black masked special forces squads of unknown origin.

    Heavy fighting around the cities erupted the following morning, and as casualties stacked on both sides the UDM’s offensive lost steam and their forces entrenched for an indefinite period of time. Increasing evidence points to Russian military involvement in Eastern Ukraine, and the region provokes even more international controversy.

    Present: June 2017

    After a winter stalemate, tension has risen along the border of the warring factions in the Donbass Region. Evidence increasingly points to Russian involvement with the Donbass People’s Militia. Western nations, particularly the United States, have deployed combat brigades in Eastern European countries to deter further Russian involvement in the Ukrainian Civil War. The UDM and DPM must battle over strategic locations in the Donbass region while also completing political missions to further their faction’s goals.

    Donbass Divided Part Two runs from 12:00 to 22:00. This is a ten hour, non-stop military simulation. There are NO planned breaks. You are responsible for yourself.

    Bleedout/Medic rules:

    Once a player is hit, they must wait three minutes before returning to their respawn point or being revived. That means that you must wait a total of 180 seconds before you are revived or move to respawn. Once a player has decided to return to their respawn point, they may not be bandaged. To revive a player you must place a bandage on their right arm. Bandages can be recycled when the player returns to their team’s designated respawn point. Any player can revive another player if they have a bandage. You may not revive another player if you or they do not have a bandage.

    Semi-Auto Only:
    Weapons are restricted to semi-auto for this game, except for approved SAWs. That means that when you pull the trigger, only one BB should come out of the barrel. There is no full-auto in the Village or the Compound, and within ten feet. To get a SAW approved for this event, communicate with me in advance or bring it with you to registration.

    Night Phase:
    For night, players are REQUIRED to have a red chem light to substitute a red rag. You are also required to have a working flashlight with fresh batteries. Night Vision is allowed.

    One Hit Elimination:
    If a bb hits you or any of your gear, including your weapon, you are immediately considered eliminated from play. Ricochets are not considered hits. Once you are hit, pull out your red rag and yell “HIT.” Once in an eliminated state, you may not converse with your teammates other than “medic yes” or “medic no.” If you are in the line of fire, you may move until you are out of the line of fire or lay down. You may not shoot at other players when in an eliminated state. Any game props that are larger than a softball must be dropped when you are hit.

    Each base that is scorable will have an orange pole and a set of bottles corresponding to each team. UDM bottles will be marked with yellow tape, DPM will be marked with green tape. To capture a base, your team’s bottle must be placed on the pole. Do not hide the other team’s bottle.

    Radio Channels:
    Channel One is reserved for moderators and emergencies. No team communications should be broadcasted on this channel. Even numbered radio channels are reserved for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry (Tan). Odd numbered radio channels are reserved for the Donbass People’s Militia (Green).

    Map of the AO can be found here:

    Ukrainian Defense Ministry (Tan) Roll Call:

    Donbass People's Militia (Green) Roll Call:
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