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Thread: WTS: Classic Army X-Series M16A1 w/ Vietnam Kit

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    WTS: Classic Army X-Series M16A1 w/ Vietnam Kit

    My days of Nam'-soft are pretty much done so I'm looking to sell everything. Before we get started, yes I will sell things individually but the more you buy the more willing I'll be to cut you a deal on it.
    Buyer will split shipping with me.

    Classic Army X-Series M16A1
    ~ Wired to deans
    ~ Basic tune up (shim, sorbo, AOE) done within the past 3 times I've used it
    ~ Includes (6) MAG Midcaps + (1) CA Hi-Cap
    ~ Gearbox has had some work done, although it's been some time. The original gears were swapped out, and there is a 6.03 TBB. The rest is stock to my understanding.

    Vietnam M56 Web Gear Harness
    ~ (2) 5.56 M16 20rd Pouches
    ~ (2) Canteen Pouches [canteen not included]
    ~ E-Tool Pouch
    ~ Buttpack
    ~ First Aid/Compass Pouch

    M1 Helmet w/ Liner + Cover (Woodland+Tan) $50

    ALICE Backpack $30

    Repro Jungle Fatigues ~ Rothco OD Trousers (Med/Reg) ~ Unknown/Rotcho Jungle Jacket (Med/Reg) ~ OD Officers Cap Will not part these items $40


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    Pm about classic army brotha

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    Everything is now sold!

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