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Thread: D-Day 2017 / Saturday, July 29 / Harris Field

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    D-Day 2017 / Saturday, July 29 / Harris Field

    Waiver and Field Rules linked HERE

    Dress Code
    THIS IS NOT A STRICT REENACTMENT EVENT. Most participants will be wearing modern camouflage and carrying modern gun replicas. If you plan to wear modern clothing, then please wear predominantly the following colors on your shirt sleeves, pant legs, and headwear based on the faction that you chose:
    Allies = green, olive
    Germans = tan, brown, grey, black
    However, you are also welcome to wear clothing of any color as long as it resembles the military uniforms that were worn during World War II.

    Semi-Auto Only
    Full automatic and burst mode firing are prohibited at this event. Only one BB is to be projected with each pull of the trigger. However, we’re making an exception to this rule for replicas of guns that were designed to fire in full-auto during World War II such as a Beretta Modello 38, Breda M37, Browning, FG 42, flamethrower, Lewis gun, M3 grease gun, MG 34, MG 36, MG 42, MP 40, MP 41, Nambu Type 100, PPD-40, PPSh-41, STEN, Sterling submachine gun, StG 44, Thompson submachine gun, or ZB vzor 26. If you own a replica that you feel should be added to this list, please contact me.

    Simple Hit/Respawn Rules
    When you’re hit, immediately go to your respawn.
    More advanced medic/respawn rules will be explained and utilized during the dusk mission and the subsequent phases of this operation.

    FRS/GMRS Radio Channels
    Channel 1 (462.5625 MHz) is reserved for the Allied command network. Odd-numbered channels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 may be used by Allied squads as directed by their commanders. German personnel may monitor the odd-numbered channels but aren’t permitted to transmit on them.
    Channel 2 (462.5875 MHz) is reserved for the German command network. Even-numbered channels 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 may be used by German squads as directed by their commanders. Allied personnel may monitor the even-numbered channels but aren’t permitted to transmit on them.
    Channels 15 through 22 are forbidden because they often cause frequency bleed over. Also, VOX mode, hot mic-ing, and channel jamming are all prohibited. Please familiarize yourself with your radio, and set it to your faction’s channel before arriving at the field.

    Opening Ceremony (11:45—12:00)
    The Allies will be at their starting position next to the white shed and will obtain seven Union Jack flags that they will use to capture control sites during their initial invasion. General Eisenhower’s order of the day will be read to the Allies.

    Beach Landing (12:00—13:30)
    D-Day will unleash with a concentrated firefight through the front half of the field. The Germans will be dug in and own all seven of the control sites at the start. The Allies will use superior numbers to push for territory. At 12:30 and at 13:00, the Allied respawn pole will be advanced deeper into the field to the next red cross as shown on the map while the German respawn pole will be simultaneously withdrawn.
    For an interactive map, click HERE.
    The orange flags on the map indicate the seven control sites that may be captured by each faction. To capture a control site, simply throw your enemy’s flag on the ground and replacing it with your own:
    There’s no limit to the number of times that the flags may be switched on a control site, but you’re not allowed to steal or hide the flags.
    At 13:30, all German and Allied forces are to begin gathering peacefully at the Village in the center of the field for an atrocious lunch party.

    Lunch Party (13:45—14:30)
    Food, drink, and entertainment will be presented free of charge to all who attend. At about 14:45, the Allies will be excused from the party so that they can move to South Bridge while the Germans stay to prepare for the next phase.

    Camp Liberation (15:00—16:30)
    The Allies will leave their weapons at South Bridge and allow themselves to be captured by the Germans at the Compound in order to gather intelligence about the prison camp. This intel could help the Allies to liberate the camp and save countless lives while advancing deeper into German-occupied Europe. But, their biggest threat will come from the evil Dr. Josef Mengele:

    The Allied respawn pole will start on the main trail a bit south of the Compound and will advance northward to eventually reach Wolves’ Den as the Allies progress through each objective within this phase. Meanwhile, the German respawn pole will be pulled back accordingly.

    Award Ceremony (16:30—17:00)
    The Allies will rally at their new base of operations (Wolves’ Den) while the Germans congregate back at the Village. In separate ceremonies, each factions’ commanders will acknowledge their most valiant soldiers of the day and will prepare their forces for the next phase. The Allied juggernaut, Captain America, will make his entrance:

    Der Zug (17:00—17:30)
    The German war machine is marching! Deutschland über alles!!
    Oberstleutnant Omego has been relieved of duty and replaced by SS Obersturmbannführer Totenkopf:

    This dreaded juggernaut and its elite troopers are invincible to conventional weapons. They can only be taken out with a combination of special melee weapons and the strength of an opposing juggernaut. Totenkopf will lead the entire German Zug in a brutal counteroffensive that will wreak havoc all around the Allies along the main trail and will eventually take the fight to the heart of the Allied faction at Wolves’ Den.
    For an interactive map, click HERE.
    During this phase, the Allied respawn pole will be located centrally at Wolves’ Den. In contrast, the German respawn pole will be moving almost continuously with the Zug as it encircles the war zone. Allied fighters are encouraged to defend their flags at Gully Base, Bravo Base, and the Compound in order to slow down the Blitzkrieg, but they’ll ultimately need to return to their stronghold at Wolves’ Den to dig in for the most violent confrontation of the day!

    Evening Pausex (17:30—20:00)
    All players must exit the field to rest and replenish. Those who plan to stay overnight may set up their camping equipment in the green zone:

    Players who wish to take part in the dusk mission must be in the staging area next to the Sugar House by 20:00 sharp!

    Dusk Mission (20:00—22:00)
    For this phase, bring only your eye/face protection and hydration. We will supply you with everything else you’ll need such as scenario-approved flashlights, red “hit” lights, weapons, and limited ammunition. You are not allowed to bring your own flashlights, guns, ammo, etc. All night-vision devices are strictly forbidden during this WW2 event.
    This will be a guided phase where you will rely on your assigned squad leader for respawning and receiving directions. Tight squad cohesion is required at all times for player safety and proper game function. Prepare yourself emotionally for what will be one of the most challenging and terrifying missions that we’ve ever hosted at Harris Field.

    Night Conquest (22:00—04:00)
    Players may choose to relax/sleep in the green zone camping area during this time, or they may continue the fight to raise their flags among the control sites located throughout the field.

    Dawn Mission (04:00—07:00)
    0400-0600: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel is searching for routes to move his armor and outflank the Allied advance. Axis and Allied forces will battle for control of the bridges across the central gully. Flags will be planted on existing bridges and pontoon bridges carried by Axis players. The objective of this phase is to hold the most bridges by 0600.
    0615-0700: Axis armor has entered the area of operations. Factions must fight over three bases.

    Morning Pausex (07:00—09:00)
    All players must exit the field to rest and replenish.

    MilSim Sunday (09:00—??)
    Kinky from team Opfor has revived his famous MilSim series to give us a new WW2-themed episode. Player endurance will determine the duration of this phase. Who has the most stamina?

    Our Commitment to You
    The field managers and the event producers are fully committed to following through with this operation regardless of the weather. We are fully committed to delivering everything that we advertise and greatly respect the sacrifices that you make in order to attend our ops. Your opinions and improvement ideas are valuable to us, so please share them.
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    Player Roll Call

    Sign up for D-Day 2017 by posting below, messaging me on this website, or messaging me on my facebook. Please provide the following information:
    1.) Last name:
    2.) First name:
    3.) Call sign (airsoft nickname):
    4.) Faction: Allies or Germany
    To sign up with your friends as a squad, you must have at least four members and provide the following additional information:
    5.) Squad name:
    6.) Squad leader’s name:

    green/olive modern camo/clothing | tan/brown/grey/black modern camo/clothing
    or WW2 Allied uniforms in any color | or WW2 German uniforms in any color
    Allied Command Element | German Command Element
    Commanding Officer: Fishman (Fisher) | Kommandierender Offizier: Omego (Haddad)
    Executive Officer: Redrover (Stevens) | Ausführender Offizier: Hannibal (Taylor)
    101st Airborne Screaming Eagles | Waffen-SS
    Squad Leader: Atlas (MacDonald) | Gruppenführer: Chuckernaut (Somerville)
    Bishop (Gilmore) | Allen, Beau
    Boogey Man (Stevens) | Apoc (Beighley)
    Hagrid (Vallencourt) | Clock (Clockedile)
    Lent, Corey | Crash (Beighley)
    Manualman (Downey) | Crow (Bracy)
    Panther (Kivela) | Dingo (Stamey)
    Porter, Daniel | Grim (Hollenbeck)
    Swift (Cost) | Irish (Mullen)
    Titan (Chapman) | Karma (Steinle)
    Whiskey (Cyr) | Kinky (McKee)
    | Lovejoy, Kayla
    Raptor Corps | Munchican (Leclerc)
    Squad Leader: Raptor (Crothers) | Rabbit (Blanchard)
    Dirty Dan (Worthley) | Scipio (Walter)
    Romeo (Roma) | Scorpus (Curit-Kurasz)
    Sloth (Michaud) | Sharpie (Cadigan)
    Thane (MacNeill) | Simba (LaBerge)
    Wolverine (Vermette) | Taylor, Shawn
    | Vertigo (McMahon)
    Watchmen |
    Squad Leader: Darkness (Allaire) | Gruppe 42
    HOFF (Sheehan) | Gruppenführer: Aussie (Lawrence)
    Sainium (Paradis) | Buffalo (d'Auteuil)
    Sir (Sirois) | MJP (Pulaskee)
    | Mustang (Webb)
    Lipton |
    Squad Leader: Earl Grey (Franklin) | Wildfires/Geisterkampfer
    Bissett, Matt | Gruppenführer: Yankee (Garcia)
    Camomille (Bruce) | Batman (Reid)
    Harbinger (Silva) | Nikolai (Crothers)
    Oolong (Brandon) | Zen (Gilliland)
    Overkill (Dow) |
    Painless (Barton) | WunderWaffles
    Professor (Bonyun) | Gruppenführer: Nine (Drisko)
    | Afink (Fink)
    Kremlin's Fist | Egon (Morgan)
    Squad Leader: Trench (Cabana) | Sonny (Foster)
    Joker (Hjort) |
    MeatShield (Legere) | War Pigs
    Osprey (Poulin) | Gruppenführer: Cpt.Flint (Bush)
    Yuri (Noble) | Casper (Baillargeon)
    | Dante (McKeil)
    Bad Company | Kayak (Kalinyak)
    Squad Leader: Casey, Dustin | Orion (Kalinyak)
    Beressi, Cameron | RJ (Morton)
    Casey, Dalton |
    Fuller, Connor | Delta
    | Gruppenführer: Ronin (Steiner)
    The Meme Team | FireHead (Labbe)
    Squad Leader: Music (Black) | J-Rome (Johnson)
    Black, Jon | Tonka (Theriault)
    Bulldog (Kelly) |
    Murdoc (Gilbert) | Panda Combat Crew
    | Gruppenführer: Asia (Lee)
    Beef Squad | Kanji (Alexander)
    Squad Leader: Chuck (Hansen) | Luda (Thoms)
    Angus (Nguyen) | Mannyfresh (Grimmick)
    Bacon (Granger) | Pittle (Pitt)
    Mutton (Leone) | reaLity (Cash)
    | Southpaw (Lambert)
    Tango Squad |
    Squad Leader: G1NGER (Jensen) | Wunderbar
    Nickerson, Liam | Gruppenführer: Tag (Porter)
    Packard, Daniel | Black Bear (Porter)
    Tapioca (Miholovich) | Heinrech (Porter)
    | Tanner-chan (Finson)
    inglourious bastards |
    Squad Leader: Surplus (Desmond) | Allgemeine Infanterie
    Comical (Austin) | Gruppenführer: Leopard (Helmbrecht)
    Harambe (Whitmore) | Anarchist (Lowell)
    Wolf (Thompson) | Cricket (Johnson)
    | Dragonfly (Lowell)
    General Infantry | Fish (Lane)
    Squad Leader: Hawk (Chenard) | G.M. (Carr)
    BKenn (McKenna) | Hatchet (Gower)
    Bounty (Jensen) | Neptune, Zach
    Breton, Brandon | Night Fury (Alcorn)
    Burns, Alexander | Pepper
    DaBomb (Kearney) | Perkoski, Alec
    Dead Man Walking (Stillman) | Scratch (Kraemer)
    Dumont, Devin | Steady (Boyne)
    German (Steward) |
    Ginger (Hines) |
    Grimes (Nadeau) |
    HoneyBadger (Paul) |
    Irish (McMahon) |
    Jensen, Eric |
    Jorn (Horne) |
    Jr. (Stillman) |
    Medomak (Lussier) |
    Necromancer (Kesick) |
    Phoenix (Tanner) |
    Picard, Matthew |
    Picard, Spencer |
    Pierre (Nicely-Luker) |
    Predator (Ancker) |
    PVT. Chief (Childs) |
    PVT. Snowball (Taylor) |
    Ranch (Landry) |
    Roy, Zack |
    Ruhlin11 (Ruhlin) |
    Semiglia, Antonio |
    SKenn (McKenna) |
    Speedy (Stillman) |
    Taco (Sollitt) |
    Tactical Joe (Mayo) |
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    Special Roll Call

    Harris Field’s operations start on time and run smoothly only with the hard work of our generous volunteers. Most of our volunteer positions are only active before the game starts or during the game for only brief periods of time; therefore, volunteers can still play normally throughout the rest of the event. These are unpaid positions, and each volunteer will still need to pay the admission fee if he/she wishes to play. If you are committed, punctual, mature, and want to support Harris Field by filling one or more of the open positions listed below, please contact me by private message. Your help is always greatly appreciated!

    Special Role Starting Location Volunteer
    Volunteer Coordinator (08:00-11:00) Staging Area Omego (Haddad)
    Parking Supervisor (08:00-11:00) Parking Lot Po (Johnson)
    Parking Attendant (08:00-11:00) Parking Lot
    Parking Attendant (08:00-11:00) Parking Lot
    Rangemaster (08:00-11:00) Staging Area Nikolai (Crothers)
    Rangemaster (08:00-11:00) Staging Area
    Waiver Inspector (09:00-11:00) Sugar House Clock (Clockedile)
    Waiver Inspector (09:00-11:00) Sugar House Leopard (Helmbrecht)
    Admissions Collector (09:00-11:00) Sugar House Kinky (McKee)
    Wristband Administrator (09:00-11:00) Sugar House OPEN, Please help us!
    Chronographic Tester (09:00-11:00) Staging Area Chuckernaut (Somerville)
    Chronographic Tester (09:00-11:00) Staging Area Grim (Hollenbeck)
    Reserve Staff (08:00-11:00) Staging Area Dingo (Stamey)
    Late-arrivals Manager (11:00-13:00) Sugar House Po (Johnson)
    Photographer/Videographer Staging Area Keimel, John
    Photographer/Videographer Staging Area

    Special Role Starting Location Volunteer
    Logistics Manager (11:00-17:30) Staging Area Spazz (Burda)
    Master of Ceremonies (13:30-14:30) Village Omego (Haddad)
    Chef (13:30-14:30) Village Howie (Howard)
    Sous-chef (13:30-14:30) Village Lovejoy, Kayla
    Server (13:30-14:30) Village Batman (Reid)
    Server (13:30-14:30) Village Sharpie (Cadigan)
    Server (13:30-14:30) Village Vertigo (McMahon)
    Server (13:30-14:30) Village Yankee (Garcia)
    Server (13:30-14:30) Village
    Dr. Josef Mengele (14:30-16:30) Compound Hannibal (Taylor)
    Primary Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound Dingo (Stamey)
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound Bounty (Jensen)
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound Jensen, Eric
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound Roy, Zack
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound Tapioca (Miholovich)
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound OPEN, Please help us!
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound OPEN, Please help us!
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound OPEN, Please help us!
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound OPEN, Please help us!
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound
    Prisoner/Partisan (14:30-16:30) Compound
    Captain America (16:15-17:30) Wolves' Den HoneyBadger (Paul)
    Obersturmbannführer Totenkopf (16:15-17:30) Village Omego (Haddad)
    German Elite Trooper (16:15-17:30) Village Nikolai (Crothers)
    German Elite Trooper (16:15-17:30) Village Phoenix (Tanner)
    German Elite Trooper (16:15-17:30) Village
    Zug Driver (16:45-17:45) Village Rabbit (Blanchard)

    Dusk Mission (20:00-22:00)
    Special Role Starting Location Volunteer
    Dedicated Moderator Staging Area Omego (Haddad)
    Logistics Manager Staging Area Spazz (Burda)
    Dr. Josef Mengele Village Hannibal (Taylor)
    German Elite Trooper Village Nikolai (Crothers)
    German Elite Trooper Village Phoenix (Tanner)
    German Elite Trooper Village
    Gestapo Village Dingo (Stamey)
    Gestapo Village Munchican (Leclerc)
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area Chuckernaut (Somerville)
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area Karma (Steinle)
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area Kinky (McKee)
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area
    Allied Guide/SL Staging Area
    German Guide/SL Staging Area Aussie (Lawrence)
    German Guide/SL Staging Area Batman (Reid)
    German Guide/SL Staging Area Leopard (Helmbrecht)
    German Guide/SL Staging Area Savade (Jamison)
    German Guide/SL Staging Area
    German Guide/SL Staging Area
    German Guide/SL Staging Area
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    We now have 100 signed up. If you plan to attend, please comment below or message me with what side you want to be on. We could use a few more Allies because we want them to outnumber the Germans by at least 33%.

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    Avery "Predator" Ancker and Shane "Pierre" Luker for allies.

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    Squad Name: Wunderbar
    Squad Leader: Micah (Tag) Porter
    Team: German

    Last name: Porter
    First name: Micah
    Call sign: Tag

    Last name: Porter
    First name: Cody
    Call sign: Heinrech

    Last name: Porter
    First name: Darrin
    Call sign: Black Bear

    Last name: Finson
    First name: Tanner
    Call sign: Tanner-chan

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    Got a couple more last minute additions for the allies. Chad "Dozer" Bouchard, and Jade Wilson. Me, Shane Luker, and them will be going as Team Icebreaker with me as the squad leader.

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