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Thread: 1965 (Vietnam War) Not Completed!

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    1965 (Vietnam War) Not Completed!

    Registration/Gear Inspection/Chrono Opens: 09:00
    Briefing 11:00
    Field Insertion: 11:30
    Startex 12:00
    Endex 22:00

    Admission: 10 Dollars

    Bleedout/Medic rules:

    Once a player is hit, you may use a bandage to revive other teammates.

    Semi-Auto Only:
    Weapons are restricted to semi-auto for this game, except for approved SAWs. That means that when you pull the trigger, only one BB should come out of the barrel. There is no full-auto in the Village or the Compound, and within ten feet. To get a SAW approved for this event, bring it with you to registration.

    Night Phase:
    For night, players are REQUIRED to have a red chem light to substitute a red rag. You are also required to have a working flashlight with fresh batteries. Night Vision is NOT allowed.

    Dress Code
    South Vietnam/United States = green, olive
    North Vietnam/Vietcong = tan, brown, grey, black
    If you do not have the required colour, but still want to play on the opposite team you can get the correct colour tape around your arms.

    FRS/GMRS Radio Channels
    Channel 1 (462.5625 MHz) is reserved for use by the Australian S. A. S and event staff.
    Channel 2 (462.5875 MHz) is reserved for use by the North Vietnamese faction.
    Channel 3 (462.6125 MHz) is reserved for use by the American faction.
    Channel 4 (462.6375 MHz) is reserved for use by the Vietcong faction.
    Channel 5 (462.6625 MHz) is reserved for use by the South Vietnamese faction.

    12:00-12:15 The United States will (Air-Drop) their troops in front of the white shed, in order to push back the NVA from attacking the South Vietnamese.

    Nikolai wrote this:

    Standard bottle game

    Scoring is every hour: 10 points per bottle

    Objectives are gully,tents,compound,wolves,village,pallet,alpha

    Viet Cong spawn is Tents during phase one, during phase two the Viet Cong spawn is Bravo
    American spawn is Harris Bridge, during phase two the American spawn is Fort Harris

    Phase One: Americans are tasked with capturing the village, once an American flag is raised over the village, the Viet Cong must retreat to Bravo base which will be their permanent respawn. After the Americans capture the village, their spawn will be at fort harris permanently.

    Phase Two: After the Americans raise the flag over the village, the Viet Cong are back at their spawn at Bravo base. Once the NVA/Viet Cong forces are pushed back the scored part of the game begins and bottle objectives matter. Still same respawn rules.

    Scoring system: Every hour whoever controls what objective gets 10 points and fraggos are worth a given amount depending on the fraggo.

    Fraggo Alpha (Viet Cong pts)
    The Americans are holding a NVA prisoner at the Village, the Viet Cong must extract the prisoner by the time limit (45min) if they can bring the prisoner to their base they will be awarded 45 points if not than they get no points

    Viet Cong objective: Extract the prisoner (Yankee) from the Village in the amount of time given.

    American Objective: Stop the Viet Cong from extracting the prisoner at all costs except for POW extraction. Prisoner cannot be revived if prisoner is shot. If he is dead the fraggo is over, but Americans are to protect prisoner because he carries valuable information.

    Fraggo Bravo: (American pts)
    Americans have to get an ammunitions crate from their spawn (fort Harris) to the Gully base. The Americans have 45 minutes to get it their to score an extra points and the Viet Cong have to stop the americans from getting the ammunition to Gully base.

    Americans objective: Get the ammunition to Gully base within 45min.

    Viet Cong objective: Stop the americans from getting the crate to Gully.

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    That's a great start, Yankee. Please keep working on it, then perhaps we could run it at Harris some day!

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    Yep Yep

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