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Thread: Roll Call for Saturday, July 22, 2017, R&G by Savade at Harris Field

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    Roll Call for Saturday, July 22, 2017, R&G by Savade at Harris Field

    Iíll be there!
    If you donít plan on attending, please donít vote or post anything here. If youíd like to attend but need assistance with a gun repair, carpooling, borrowing equipment, etcetera, please post below to find out if someone can help. Savade may post below what he has planned.
    Run & gun details linked HERE

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    Greetings to all!

    Specific details pertaining to a timeline of events THIS SATURDAY (7/22/17) at Harris Airsoft Field are located at THIS LINK HERE (no sign in required).

    A speedy rundown?

    Quick Half Hour Warm up of Attack and Defend in the Village

    LUNCH (Yes, everyone loves food breaks)

    Trouble In Terrorist Town to kick off the afternoon
    Half Hour Benghazi/Mr. President Revamp
    TDM or Zombies with remaining players

    If you have ANY questions whatsoever, consult the game details linked above, OR post below, OR better yet, contact me via personal message / text at 2074853881.

    Thanks to Omego Maine for letting me run this weekend's R&G.

    **Want more game-mode ideas by Savade Airsoft? Eventually want to run your own Run-and-Gun at Harris Field? Contact me about your "crazy" idea and we can work on a game-mode setup! Omego loves when people step up to coordinate events over the weekends. New players welcome.**

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