MAASF is proud to announce our first game at Harris Field in Maine! We’ve long enjoyed playing through this incredibly unique field, and thanks to Omego and the rest of the Harris staff we will be bringing a new evolution of the long-running Survival series to Maine this Fall. This is a force-on-force precursor to Survival from the team behind Tiberian Dawn, Rio, Lost Republic, and Wasteland 4 and 5.

Survival Zero brings players back to the early days of the Collapse. The Radiance Network, an intelligent worldwide relay responsible for a few enlightened years of peace and prosperity, has suddenly gone dark, taking global communications down with it. Madness fills the silence, with all knowing they are in danger and none knowing why. New suns rise over the great cities. An ecosystem taking its first steps to recovery is shattered, reducing farms to charnel fields and unleashing storms of ice and flame across a dying landscape. Whispers of encroaching enemies foreign and domestic race ahead of the carnage, turning every town into a paranoid kingdom all alone in the night.

Once an impoverished strip of land along the border between the former United States and Canadian provinces of the Atlantic Union, the small town of Brightwell has found itself in the crosshairs of two rising factions. Private security forces in the employ of the Overwatch Corporation plan to use the settlement as a staging area and supply cache as they try to re-establish contact with their global network, while the ragtag Free Northern Knights see a rare opportunity to settle their people and give a growing caravan of refugees a home. Brightwell’s freshwater aquifers and the underground facilities that maintain them offer shelter and sustenance, a compelling prize as the world unravels. Once an unremarkable watering hole in an economically depressed wilderness, Brightwell is now the best hope two armies have of surviving the death of their world.

Players will have to contend with tough choices and determined enemies that have unique objectives, abilities, and challenges of their own. Do you immediately deploy valuable supplies so your forces can use them, or try to extract them to make your faction stronger? Do you launch a rescue operation to win hearts and minds or save your resources to destroy your enemies? From materiel struggles to negotiations with minor factions and characters, every choice will have consequences on your faction’s ability to fight and survive.

Weapon, ammunition, and resource restrictions will be detailed in the coming weeks. We are looking to keep the classic Survival elements of scarcity and tense tactics alive while giving players the tools they need to experience the full-on chaos of an apocalyptic war.

Main Factions -

Free Northern Knights

Uniform: Green Patterns, Post-Apocalyptic Clothing, Civilian Clothing
Note: The Knights have been surviving a year of apocalyptic conditions If you want to bust out the leather jackets and run-down post-apocalyptic gear, this is the place.
Background: The Knights are dedicated and faithful; even before the collapse life was hard, and everything they have has been earned through blood and sweat. They will not permit the schemes of shady international agencies to risk their people’s survival.

Overwatch Security Solutions

Uniform: Tan Patterns, Urban Patterns, Black, Grey
Note: Overwatch Security are an advanced private army even by the standards of the future; any sci-fi gear, armor, weapons, or gadgets you want to bring into play are welcome here.
Background: By the time of the Collapse Overwatch Security is the 8th largest and 2nd wealthiest military organization in the world, with offices in 88% of sovereign states. They are cold, professional, and will not allow the short-sighted ambitions of local warlords and soldiers past their time to stand in the path of progress.

Event cost is $30. This includes faction patches, spare hydration, in-game effects, player-usable props, and an arsenal of special equipment and destructible objectives.

Facebook Event Link: Survival Zero