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Thread: Battlegrounds/Run & Gun By Ivan/ September 2

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    Battlegrounds/Run & Gun By Ivan/ September 2


    The Game:
    The Match Starts when “Game On” has been announced. Once the game has started players will have 5 mins to scavenge for their weapons. After the 5 mins has ended two play areas (Areas 1,2,3,and 4 or Red, Blue, Yellow, Green Marked on your map) will be randomly picked and announced. Players will have another 5 mins to get to the specified play areas before the timer runs out. When the 5mins has ended if any players are outside of the specified play areas they are eliminated. Once the play area has been closed off another Play area will be announced. Players will then have 3mins to make their way to the now narrowed play area. After the 3mins players outside of the play area are eliminated. After those 3 mins a final location will be announced (Purple Locations on Map) (*Note* Some play areas share purple locations) When the random purple location has been announced players will have 2mins to fight to the announced purple location. Again when the 2mins ends anyone who is caught outside of the play area is eliminated. The remaining players inside the purple play area will fight to the death and the last team standing wins.

    Teams:Players will be broken up into teams of Two (Or four, depending on the turnout). When entering the field to a specified start area (Similar to Numbers) The team of two will leave their weapons at a specified base a fair distance away from their spawn area. (*Note* ONLY PICK UP AND USE YOUR WEAPON). When the game has started if you or your teammate is struck by a BB you are ‘knocked out’. The teammate can be revived with a 30 second hold but only if there is another team member still alive. If you and your teammate are hit your team has lost.

    Revive Rules: If you are struck by a BB place your dead rag on top of your head. You may be revived by a 30 second hold, BUT if you don't receive a revive in 2 mins you are dead when you die please move out of the line of fire and wait quietly for the game to be over.

    Extra Game Info: On the map there are 7 purple locations ( Gully, Wolves’, Compound, Echo, Village, Pallet, and Fort Harris) Play area 3 and 4 share one purple area (Village)

    *Note* If you are killed you may wait where you died, or Follow the game quietly with a dead rag on.

    *Note* This is meant to be a fast paced strategy game.


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    Interesting game mode, could of followed all logics of PUBG though: wounded rule, etc. But after all, I enjoyed playing as my last game, keep it up! -Yankee

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