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Thread: Goodbye, for now.

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    Goodbye, for now.

    I'm unfortunately not going to be able to make any more future games at Harris, due to college, work, gym, etc. I will be able to show up for opening game next year, I'm excited to see what Omar has in mind. Well, this year has been a fun journey to come through becoming an experienced airsofter, deflecting to another team, and turning on my team and getting 12 team kills within 5 seconds. I attempted to attend as many run and guns as I could in order to become better than last year, this worked however I had forgotten about the season pass I could have purchased.... But over all, I thank Harris' staff and Ben Harris for running this field, and allowing Nikolai and I to host a "mini op" (I said I was hosting the op for emotional support :/). I'm very grateful for this field being in lower Maine, as if it wasn't I could never play airsoft at a large field. Anyway thank you all participants of Harris field, see you next year! -James "Yankee" Garcia

    P.S. Kinky it's a prank bro. And Irish sorry for the dust cloud.

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    Hi Yankee,
    Thanks for coordinating with Nikolai to organize and run mini-op 1965. Thank you for attending frequently and improving your skills. And, thank you for helping me with all of your special roles during the big ops. We hope you have an excellent fall/winter and eagerly look forward to seeing you back in April!

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