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Thread: Harris Milsim Series Episode 11/ Sat. September 30th/ Harris Farm Airsoft

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    Harris Milsim Series Episode 11/ Sat. September 30th/ Harris Farm Airsoft

    Op Order 30 Sept 2017

    Registration Opens: 9:00
    Mandatory Briefing: 10:00
    Startex: 10:30
    Endex 14:00
    Run and Gun games: 15:00-17:00

    Admission: $10

    The Mission:
    US forces have been deployed to Afghanistan in response to the increased activity of Taliban insurgents. They are tasked with:

    • Negotiating with tribal leaders
    • Improving Afghani infrastructure
    • Peacekeeping missions
    • Finding and neutralizing Taliban strongholds
    • Responding to situations as they arise

    However, the main purpose of the deployment of US forces is to find and capture Rahem Al-Kargar, the self proclaimed “King of Kandahar” and the leader of the Taliban cells in the region. The outcome of this operation will be determined not only by the US combat performance, but also by how they interact with the population. US forces will not only lose out on rewards for mistreating civilians, but also face severe consequences.

    US Forces:
    US Forces have deployed into Afghanistan. They are not tasked with being a primarily aggressive force. Their main focus is to gain support of the local population. US forces wear green-based uniforms. US forces will deploy to a centralized location on in the AO referred to by command as Wolves’ Den. They operate under a strict ROE as follows:

    1. Targets must have a weapon AND be firing or about to fire on friendly forces.
    2. You may demand that a target surrender their weapons, but you may not fire on them until the first is true. The people of Afghanistan are not obligated to meet your demands, so not dropping a weapon is not a valid reason to fire on them.
    3. Weapons cannot be taken indefinitely from detained Afghans. You must return Afghans their weapons upon the end of their detention.
    4. Afghans cannot be held in detention indefinitely. Afghans must be released after ten minutes unless US forces receive an order stating otherwise.

    Medic/Bleedout: US forces are trained to be proficient in basic emergency medical care. Once hit, pull out your red rag and yell hit. You must wait in place for a teammate to place a bandage on your right arm. There are not designated medics, so any player can revive another. You may not return to play unless another player revives you or a moderator sends you back to your CP. You may not move toward your teammates when in an eliminated state. You may not communicate any information other than whether you are dead or not, and “medic yes” or “medic no.” Bandages are not to be reused. Once a bandage is placed on your right arm, it should not come off for the rest of the day. You may use the bandage of a dead player to revive them.

    Knife/Melee Kills: This game requires a knife prop or a foam boffer for melee or stealth kills. Placing a hand on an enemy does not constitute a knife kill.

    Allied Forces: The United States has spent billions training the Afghan National Army. However, most of these men are not well-trained, and have questionable loyalty. ANA forces typically wear tan uniforms with blue berets. The Afghan National Army has a small presence in the region and operates independently from US forces.

    OPFOR(Invite Only):
    Taliban forces have been fighting invaders since the 1980’s when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. They have put up a stubborn resistance against US forces and just recently made great strides in retaking territory in Afghanistan. Taliban insurgents wear tan-based camo or civilian clothing.

    Radio Channel Designation:
    Channel 1 is reserved for moderators and emergencies
    Channel 2 and all even numbered channels are reserved for US forces
    Channel 3 is reserved for ANA forces
    Channel 5 and all odd numbered channels are reserved for Taliban insurgents

    You may sign up as US forces individually or in a with no less than four members. If you have interest in playing as the Afghan National Army, please message Hannibal on the Maine Airsoft forum. Taliban forces is an invite only faction.

    US Forces
    Command: MJP

    Afghan National Army


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