Getting out of the sport due to life becoming too busy and I could use the cash. Looking to have things gone.

Krytac CRB - Got it for 289.95
Never touched it was gonna put a inferno in it but never got to it. Looking to get around 200-220 for it.

Wolverine Inferno Gen 2 - Got it for 285
Was gonna be a install in the Krytac never got around to it. All you need is a trigger board for it. Willing to let it go for around 200. Never used.

KWA Franken Gun - $85 OBO
May Have a parts list (got it 2 years ago) gun functions fine. Just wanna see it gone.

Amobea parts for Honey badger $20
(was a full gun but its honestly in pieces and was modded to take a hpa engine)

M39 EBR w/Hydra - Got it for $600
Used once then lost interest in the sport. Looking to get around $500 or best offer. May need to be tuned via FCU haven't really touched it since Last year. Has 2 hi caps that will come with it and Ill include a battery for it.

Polarstar Jack - $175 OBO
Was used in a 416 and took care of it but I have no need for it. Saw a year of use.

Have a few Air tanks as well and lines and a Ninja Reg. Dm me for info.
Im willing to work with offers as long as they are within reason and Im willing to bundle Just want to make some space honestly and see them get used.
I can answer questions to the best of my ability been out of the sport for a year.
Thanks for looking.