Complete Black/SWAT/Police/Urban kit. Built to Assaulter's spec. Only used ~5 times.

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The Gear Includes:

Adjustable Ballistic Plate Carrier, adjustable polymer BUMP helmet, 3x 5.56 Magazine Retention Insert, 2x Double Stack 5.56 Magazine Pouches (8 magazines max), Pistol Magazine Pouch, Admin Pouch, Utility Pouch, Radio Pouch, Camelback/Hydration Bladder Pouch (3.5L max), Recovery Pouch, Lumbar Combat Belt, and Internal Combat Belt.

Communications Setup Includes:
Programmable Handheld Radio (Baofeng UV5R & charger with Enhanced Battery Size, uses FCC channels or programmable channels), Lapel Mic/Speaker Combo (with push-to-talk ability and to connect to ear protection/speaker headset i.e. Peltor Comtac, Howard Leight), and 16.5" FMA Whip antenna with 2' routing cable woven to conceal the antenna.

I am asking $350 for just the gear, and $400 to include the communications setup. I built the kit for $700, and it doesn't get used much anymore.