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    Question SOS(or SOG I guess)

    I have owned a Umarex MP7 for some time now, but have never been able to get it working. Despite multiple attempts I have had little success and all the gas is immediately used up on the first or second shot. If anyone could possibly offer to fix (I'm willing to pay a reasonable price) or at least offer suggestions to fix it. That would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    is your propane tank full? are you holding the tank and the mag upside down when you fill the mag? how long are you filling the mag for? The important thing to remember with green gas/propane is that you need to get liquid into the mag, not just vapor. You probably know all this stuff already but it's worth a shot.
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    I hold it upside down for fifteen seconds (however I've also tried for longer) so I'm pretty sure that isn't the issue. Thanks for the suggestions though
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    Try purging the magazine. Hold it upside down, use a screwdriver to gently depress the valve. Bleed off all of the pressure inside, then eventually upright it while holding in the valve to remove any residual fluid. That's my usual maintenance for my butane torches, it might help you.

    After that, give it a good long filling session and try it out! If that doesn't fix it, there might be another mechanism that is faulty.
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