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Thread: Lost my phone.

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    Exclamation Lost my phone.

    Galaxy s8, checkered case, shatter in the center, black chassis. If it isn't found it's not a big deal, I have insurance.

    Please post here and/or contact me at if it's found.


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    Any idea where?
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    I believe we may have it, I'll check later this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinky View Post
    Any idea where?
    Somewhere in or in between wolves', gully, and tents, including the road leading up to gully from pallet.
    I was on the Russian team.

    Last time I bring it out on the field without it being properly secured.
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    BIG UPDATE: I just had the bright idea to use the recovery feature, and I have located the phone. For some reason it still has 38% juice in it, thank god. Based on the location it gave me on the GPS tracker, it very well could be in the sugar shack. I'll send the location once I get back home.

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    PM it to me or Omego and one of us will search for it if we don't already have it.
    Shamelessly plugging my sale thread.

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