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Thread: Sniping for the first time: gun recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post

    With that said, it would be wise to consider the platform an SWS-only gun. Try to swap it back and forth game to game, and you're gonna have a bad time. You're going to want to keep it the way it is in order to improve it over time.

    I was suggesting he build one awesome, field-legal AEG that can still reach out to SWS ranges, not swap parts between games, just to clarify.
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    Oh gotcha, make sense. Honestly that's probably a much better idea seeing there won't be tons of advantage in having a SWS AEG. Could see parts failing a lot. I'd recommend starting off with a BAR-10 and go from there, but that's just my opinion.

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    Spuddy and I went to the same high school back in the day and I have been discussing his options with him. Trying to not give him a biased opinion however
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