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Thread: S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Harris

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    Lightbulb S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Harris

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    Shadow of Harris
    In the year 1986, on April the 26th a disaster happened at the Chernobyl NPP resulting an evacuation of the the local town of Pripyat. What the citizens of Pripyat didn't know is that they would never be coming back. Liquidators tried to clean up, and contain the disaster but failed. The fleeing citizens lef their belongings due to them thinking they will return in a few weeks after the radiation has cleared up. A few people illegally entered the radioactive area now known as "The Zone" and attempted to loot any items left behind. In 2006 a second explosion occured in The Zone. This expanded the area of The Zone by about five kilometers. With the new explosion came strange anomolies. These anomolies produce artifacts that both blesses and curses the wearer. Stalkers come from around the world to sell rare artifacts. This however brings attention of the Ukrainian Army.


    Ones who enter The Zone are known as S.T.A.L.K.E.Rs








    The term was conjured up by the Ukrainian government to usually refer to Loner Stalkers, but can applied loosely to everyone who enters The Zone, even the Ukrainian Army.

    Lone Stalkers: Your typical Stalker who mostly cares for artifact hunting, doing jobs, and survival. Sometimes they can be seen in the shadow of the larger factions. There only enemies are Mutants, Bandits, Soldiers, Mercs (sometimes), and Monolith members.

    Bandits: Bandits are gangsters that wear tracksuits, or trench coats (only the leaders wear trench coats), and ski masks. They shout "Cheeki Breeki" whilst they flank the enemy. As a bandit you are enemies with everyone but Freedom, and Mercs. You are allowed to steal artifacts, and do evil things. Be aware that you will have no allies, except for paid Mercs, and sometimes Freedom.

    Ukrainian Military Stalkers: As the name suggests they are soldiers loyal to the Ukrainian Government. Allegedly....They are in real life somewhat corrupt and some will even take bribes from Stalkers. They are at war with the everyone but the Ecologists. If you join the Ukrainian Army you are expected to wear a military BDU. Exceptions being one undercover agent, who may dress like a Loner.

    Duty:Duty belives that The Zone and all its contents must be purged. Loners are often seen in the shadow of Duty due to the fact that they hunt mutants. Their nemesis is Freedom, who believes The Zone is a wonderful place that all may enjoy. Duty has a no smoking policy. They have the best equipment in The Zone

    Freedom: Freedom is a faction of hippies living in The Zone who's primary goal is to open up Chernobyl to the outside world. They do not have strict ranks, and are at war with Duty. They wear Izlom/Flektarn/Light Green camo.

    Ecologists:Ecologists are researches who study The Zone. What they lack in brawn, they make up in brain. They are allied to all, and wear labcoats, and hazmat suits.

    Mercenaries: Mercenaries are loyal to nobody but money. They are well trained fighters with good equipment. They wear blue outfits with tactical vests and military gas masks.

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    Yes the thing is not complete, I'm doing it when I can.

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    Also it would probably be better if we schedule it on a rainy day.

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    Respawn rule? I think having a respawn flag/pole would benefit each faction better than say medkits, if each faction were to have an HQ or such.
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    I want to be a bandit, I have the adidas tracksuit and the squat down.

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    This has to happen!

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    As much as i love airsoft stuff seeing this is shockingly cool, i would come over there all the way from Macedonia and kill some mutant and bandit ass, stay чики брики my брат

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    Harris's 2017 opening gambit?
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    If you haven't already, you should submit this for an actual event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Predator_Avery Ancker View Post
    If you haven't already, you should submit this for an actual event.

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